All About Your Skin

Boost the Body's Natural Pathway to Healthy Skin  

Boost your body's natural biological pathway to achieve a healthy, radiant complexion.
The Role of Salt-Inducible Kinase (SIK) Inhibitors Discover the groundbreaking technology behind our skincare.  

Our Mission

SOLTÉGO is dedicated to safeguarding the skin from sun-induced damage.

Inspired by decades of research in skin physiology, SOLTÉGO works with your body’s natural biological pathways to achieve a healthier, more radiant-looking skin.

SOLTÉGO is devoted to safety and efficacy so you can embrace each day with confidence.

It's All About Your Skin!


Years of Research

Dr. Fisher and his team spent over 10 years to research and develop the science , clinical studies and formulations


SIK Molecular Library

Extensive library of molecules shown to activate physiological activities on melanin and collagen



9 issued U.S. patents, 1 Australian patent application, 7 issued patents in Japan, China, Australia and Europe, in addition to 16 pending applications worldwide


Team of Experts

A team comprising of experienced clinicians, scientist and marketing executives

Words from Founders

There is unequivocal evidence that sunscreens are protective against several types of skin cancer. But there is also unequivocal evidence that they are not enough. The concept of combining the darkening agent with a UV blocking agent might provide a whole new dimension of protection.

"In our lab, dedicated scientists are committed to making our vision come true: improving skin appearance and overall well-being. We understand the essential role played by DNA repair in maintaining healthy skin. Our research focuses on harnessing the power of small molecules to repair and rejuvenate skin damaged by the sun. This means healthier, more vibrant skin, making you look and feel your best!"

"Photoaging, the early onset of skin aging due to UV exposure, whether from the sun or artificial sources like tanning beds, can take a toll on your skin's health and appearance. Collagen and elastin damage are major contributors to these visible signs of aging. We are bringing innovative discoveries to accompany you on your unique skincare journey."

Words from Consumers

Julie K.

I am not confident that sunblock is protecting me completely. There are days when I spend more time in the traffic or work in an exposed window environment and I know I haven't used an SPF. I'm looking for an extra line of defense that I can build into my daily routine. With fair skin, I started to get freckles and sun spots so I want to be proactive in protection from all environmental stressors.

46 Yrs, Insurance Underwriter
Linda D

I want to have an even, healthy glowy skin throughout the entire year. It would be great to achieve this year-round. During the winter season, I spend more time indoors and when there is less sun, I tend to turn very pale. I'm looking for a very natural look and a youthful glow.

37 Yrs, Consultant
Nikki B.

I'm always looking for a natural tan, but I tend to burn easily and turn red. It's also nearly impossible to get an even skin tone without the bikini lines. I'm aware that high exposure in the sun is unhealthy for my skin and want to minimize  time under harmful UV rays.

49 Yrs, Advertising  
Randy T.

I live in a sunny coastal city and live an active life. I run, hike and play sports in the sun daily. With a busy career that often requires outdoor events and client meetings, I spend considerable time in the sun and have been without adequate protection over the years.  I’m looking to find scientifically-backed skincare products and treatments that can help me to  preserve a youthful appearance as long as possible.

43 Yrs, Marketing Executive
Sophia M.

I’m looking for a skincare routine that addresses the signs of aging, particularly those caused by sun damage and environmental stressors. Overcoming the confusion caused by conflicting information about skincare and anti-aging treatments available online and in the media is also something I'm very keen on.

55 Yrs, School Teacher

Despite a newfound commitment to sun protection, the years of sun exposure have taken a toll. Recently, I started to notice more defined signs of aging, deepened wrinkles, and rough texture, which have sparked concerns about skin health and longevity. If there is something to reverse the damage and create a fresher palette, that would be a gamechanger.

54 Yrs, Sales VP

Revolutionizing Skin Health