Founded by medical and scientific experts in dermatology and oncology, SOLTÉGO is a biopharmaceutical innovator dedicated to leveraging the skin’s pigmentation power for therapeutic and aesthetic applications. With transformative insights into the skin’s biology, we aspire to help people protect their skin against UV-induced skin damage, including skin cancer, and to provide relief to those suffering from pigmentation conditions. In aesthetics, we’re exploring topical formulations that will deliver a safe, sunless tan for all skin types without chemicals or color additives.
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Our History

In 2006, Dr. David Fisher and his lab identified the molecular pathway underlying the skin’s pigment tanning response and were able to induce the protective, dark form of melanin (eumelanin) in lighter skin. Their findings were published in the journals Nature and Cell.

Knowing that the presence of eumelanin in the skin is one of the strongest predictors of low skin cancer risk, they were intrigued by the prospect of applying this skin-darkening approach to help fair-skinned people. Human skin presents a challenge as it’s relatively thick and impermeable to most topical agents. Dr. Fisher and Dr. Nathanial Gray were determined to find a way to tap into the skin’s natural pigmentation power and induce a sunless tan with a topical agent. After a decade of intense pursuit, Drs. Fisher and Gray achieved their goal. Their ground-breaking discovery of a novel class of small molecules that increase pigmentation and darken skin without UV exposure was published in Cell Reports. Shortly after, they founded SOLTÉGO to further explore and commercialize the aesthetic and therapeutic applications of their scientific break-through. Our Technology >

Making History

Together with Mass General Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and the Broad Institute, SOLTÉGO is developing a series of compounds formulated with patented SIK inhibitors. Our exclusive intellectual property rights are globally protected by multiple US, European and Asian patents with additional patents pending. We’re investigating a variety of therapeutic applications, including UV-hypersensitivity, vitiligo, and albinism. In aesthetics, we’re developing a new class of skincare products to cause pigment-triggered skin darkening. It’s anticipated that these dermatological advancements will be a giant leap forward in aesthetics and therapeutics. Most importantly, we will explore the potential of our new technology to lower the risk of skin cancer in fair-skinned people.